Lambchop performing Nixon in its entirety

In February 2015 it will be 15 years since Lambchop first released their landmark album ‘Nixon’.

The band has decided to present a select number of shows in the UK and Europe to celebrate this anniversary accordingly. Lambchop will perform the record in its entirety, with the focus being on the songs, the band, and its members both past and present. To that end these shows will serve as a tribute to Marc Trovillion, a key founding member of Lambchop who passed away in 2014, as well as a recognition of the contributions of the many musicians and friends, who played on this classic release.

The band looks forward to interacting with the songs through the lens of the sound Lambchop creates today. Pared away from the recording’s ambitious production values, these shows should prove to be a unique and rare opportunity to remember, reconnect with, and reflect upon what is arguably one of Lambchop’s most significant offerings.

“Nixon is the album when Lambchop became the band people think of as Lambchop“ 8.3/10 Pitchfork

“Fate and history can serve judgment on Richard Milhouse’s legacy – right now ‘Nixon’ is a swooning wonder, covered in glory.“ 9/10 NME

“The most fully realized Lambchop record, the most perfect blend yet of their alt country roots and their obsession with soul.” Mojo